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God’s inferior product

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Let’s assume God made man.

So God made the most pathetic excuse of life that we call mankind.

It needs vaccines, immunisations; it needs governments, it needs religions, women need to give birth in hospitals because child birth is sickness somehow; it needs health care, it needs government controlled schooling, it needs cancer research, it needs to pay taxes, it needs to be a slave, it needs, it needs, it needs…

Mankind is weak, pathetic, vulnerable and it needs other members of mankind (authorities) to keep saving God’s inferior product.

God messed up big time!

Or could it be that Man messed up, big, big, big time?

Could it be that a God so powerful… could create life so incompetently?

Maybe let’s try to pretend there actually is a God – a universal intelligence, the source of all things.

There was a story I heard once (or twice) about the Garden of Eden and how mankind got kicked out somehow…


Vanity! Mankind thinks it knows better than its creator. Fine mess we are in now.

Truth is the only answer to living life, and in truth there is wisdom and the knowledge of God.

So God gave man free will to be stupid, and that stupid is our world’s condition.

Maybe, in truth, God made man and, in truth, man is free and powerful and wise.

God can’t nurture anyone if we deny God.

So let’s recognise man (authorities) as more powerful than God and let’s all please suffer the consequences, or…

Walk, talk, and be the living truth.

Something to think about.

Resonate with us

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