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What is a natural woman?

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Natural, by its definition, means existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind’. In my own words, natural is something that is unaltered, something that hasn’t been interfered with. That which is original to nature before man-made influence came in. A blue-print.

There are many aspects that might describe a ‘natural woman’. On the surface, one would describe a natural woman as a woman who strives to live her life in her most natural state possible. A healthy lifestyle; eating the right foods, looking after herself, being as close to nature as possible, etc., and most of all, staying away from environmental toxins (mental or physical) and influences that can be detrimental to her.

But in this day and age, most of the planet is in an un-natural state, therefore making it difficult for any woman to fully be and live naturally. Think toxins, pollutants, negative media, corporate agendas, mind control, etc. Anything that tries to take away our livelihood, our health, or our wellbeing. We can strive to live naturally, but it is almost impossible to ignore the direct environment and its impact on our lives.

I believe the problems truly began at the beginning of the industrial revolution. The first industrial revolution began in 1760, when the age of mechanical production began. The steam engine was produced, and factories and industrialization began. Before then, people lived the simple agrarian (farming) life.

The second industrial revolution was the age of science and mass production. It began in the early part of the 20th century. Gasoline engines, airplanes, chemical fertilizers. It’s when Henry Ford made his first Ford Model car, built on an assembly line in his factories. More and more people left their rural homes for urban life. 1

The third industrial revolution was the digital revolution beginning in the 1950s. Think semiconductors, mainframe computing, personal computing, and the Internet—the digital revolution. Analog moved to the digital age. 2 Think all the latest gizmos we are used to today.

The fourth industrial revolution is beginning right now. Think technologies advancing even further; genetic sequencing and editing, artificial intelligence, miniaturized sensors, and 3D printing! 3 Is it a cause for celebration or a cause for concern?

Going back to the pre-industrial revolution, this type of farming lifestyle, although very simple, would have had its benefits. How much purer would the environment have been back then? I am sure there were also hard times and negative influences back then, too (no time in history was perfect), but one thing remains certain – how much cleaner was the air, the water, and the skies? With less corporate man-made influences, how much more ‘natural’ were people’s bodies, and consequently their minds, in general?

No mobile phones, no electricity, no modern conveniences. It’s true that technological advances in this day make our lives convenient, but at what cost? What is happening to the natural state of the planet? Why is there more illness, greed, including corporate greed, toxicities, wars, violence, and hatred? It’s definitely something to think about.

Can we make life in these modern times even better than the pre-industrial revolution? Is it possible to live a natural lifestyle within this ‘fourth industrial revolution’, and live in harmony with technology? Can we stop the un-natural interfering with our natural state? With our livelihood and wellbeing, our right to happiness, health, and peace of mind?

To seek a solution, first we need to identify the problem.

The Natural Woman magazine by aims to sift through all the man-made lies disguised as truths, expose them, and get back to what the actual truth really is. Then, and only then, can we move forward.

How do we get back to the pure and unaltered state?

This magazine is also the voice for all women who strive to get back to what’s natural and fun in all areas of life. Topics covered include spirituality, self-help, health, fitness, arts and crafts, food, and all other areas of wellbeing and lifestyle.



This article appears in the first edition of Expose Magazine

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