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Health and beauty challenge

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Is it possible for you to be absolutely beautiful, healthy and radiant?

Yes, it is – but it is a challenge!

Your whole body is like an antenna, it picks up information from your negative environment and it is this environment that is causing damage to your system.

To be naturally beautiful is to be naturally healthy.

This whole world is a toxic soup at the moment. We have negative media, we have wifi, we have chem-trails, we have toxic pharmaceuticals, we have fluoridation, we have mobile phones, we have EMFs, we have smart meters, we have politicians; in fact, there is so much negative frequency out there I can’t begin to list them all, but you will hopefully get the point.

There are natural, healthy frequencies, and then there are frequencies of fear and ignorance.

These fear frequencies, brought to you by corporate entities, are absolutely ruining your health.

Do you see a happy world, or a fearful one?

This fear destroys health, as it shuts down the immune system of most everyone on the planet.

This is why there is a spread of illness and disease.

So the information field out there – the environment that you are a part of – is helping to destroy your health and beauty.

Our aim is to get back to a blissful state of being of mind, body and spirit; with that there is health and with that there is beauty.

We are all a product of our environment, so for us to change ourselves we must change the environment.

This is a challenge, as the whole world is our environment in one form or another.

Imagine that you are an antenna sending out love and health frequencies, yet millions of other antennas out there are sending you fear frequencies. The ratios are way off, and this is why the self-help industry is largely a fraud as it fails to mention what you are up against.

As an analogy, a perfect apple in a bowl full of rotting apples won’t stay fresh for long.

You, alone, don’t have enough power to change your environment as absolutely as you need it to change.

So, effectively, we have to create a group mind that works together so that, in effect, we become like batteries that are joined together to develop a stronger focus, a stronger power and a stronger will than the fear frequencies of mankind out there.

This group mind cannot work with social distancing; it requires auras to merge, it requires holding hands, it requires hugs, it requires physical interaction.

Then, we change our local environment to a more blissful one.

Yes, there are many powerful tools from the paradigm that are helpful in remediating the fear frequencies on the planet in whatever form they take (we are researching this), yet the most powerful tool is you.

So forget social distancing, texting or online chat as these things don’t work; they’re part of an artificial environment.

What does work is you actively socialising – every day, every moment if you can – with like-minded people who share your interests in health, beauty and bliss.

This forms a powerful group mind that’s interested in solutions, not problems.

We were meant to socialise, and we were meant to socialise in a spirit of health, love and sharing.

When you lovingly change your environment, then you change ‘you’ over to health, beauty and love.

It’s a challenge – are you up for it?

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash


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