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The dangerous guru

Dangerous Guru
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Gurus are spiritual teachers, guides, mentors, and they are usually of Hindu or Buddhist background.

Not much wrong with that, is there?

Yet many gurus are highly influential, charismatic, apparent experts who guide their following, their herd, their sheep, to their way of thinking. But herein lies the problem; it’s their way of thinking, not your way!

If you don’t understand self then why would you allow another to understand ‘you’ for you?

I am a spiritual teacher, a mentor, and a guide, yes I am, yet I do not charge money, seek fame, misdirect donation monies or have a political agenda. Truth never gets a huge following for some reason – lies get the best media coverage and followers!

My teaching is simple:

You are also the spiritual teacher, the mentor, and the guide.

Everything is always reciprocal.

I can’t be wiser, smarter or more clever than you; this is impossible as only you can know thyself.

I can be the egotistical, know-it-all guru, or I can humble myself to the level of ‘we are all equal and we are all children of the divine’.

We are meant to share knowledge, comprehend knowledge and spread knowledge, but not dominate knowledge!

If my student doesn’t understand what I teach, then I have failed as a teacher and I can’t be the guru.

To follow any guru is to not understand the first rule of self-empowerment: don’t follow gurus!

You are meant to follow yourself, but learn from others and teach others because we are all one.

The worship of anything outside of self is to deny the God-self within.

True understanding of spirituality is a personal journey. All any guide can ever do is help you realise that you were the guide all along.

God knows everything in bliss, but guess what? You are already God, limited by human form. All is simple, really.

You know everything! You just don’t know that you know everything!

I am a spiritual teacher, a guide, and a mentor, but you created me so perhaps the true guru is the creator of teachers.

Follow no-one but do share, and definitely always share love, wisdom and kindness.

Unconditional love will always be your best guide.

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

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Resonate with us

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