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Is death certain?

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We at can never absolutely prove that death, dying, old age and diseases of any kind are a certainty.

Why can’t we prove this is so?

Simply, everything stems from the unified field, the God realms if you like. Beyond this we have directed awareness, which creates our physical reality.

This directed awareness has belief; belief has a way of focusing an awareness to a perceived reality.

The race mind, or collective unconscious, has an ancient belief in sickness, ageing and eventually death.

Yet the only way we can prove that death or illness are absolute certainties is to eliminate the beliefs of death, dying, old age and disease from the race consciousness. This we are unable to do.

All we can prove is that people do die, do get sick, do get ill and do age, because of belief!

There is always evidence for what the race mind collectively believes in.

What if we, as a collective, believed differently?

We would change the information field responsible for death and disease.

This planet has obvious fear, obvious ignorance and an obvious stress associated with it – things which are known to suppress the immune system, thereby allowing illness.

When one studies the true sciences and physics, one is led to the conclusion that there is a unified field from which all the sciences stem from.

What happens when we direct our collective perceptions differently, in order to get different results from the unified field?

It only takes a relatively small collective of minds to alter reality, since bliss is more powerful than fear; but, as it stands, fear and ignorance are predominant on this planet at this time.

Truth sets mankind free, but to be in truth is to admit that mankind was, as a whole, wrong all along.

It is time for a different view, a different paradigm, a different reality by collectively changing our beliefs.

We can only change our local environment, and we are working towards that, but what would happen if, globally, we all shared this one idea:

To live in absolute Truth.

Then, and only then, will we know that death, dying, illness and old age are not an absolute certainty.

Something to think about…

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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