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I Am The Truth, The Light, The Way

I Am The Truth, The Light, The Way
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When life throws every darkness, every despair, every sorrow at thee…

Something never, ever seems to go away and that something is deep inside our being; there is this yearning, this longing, this destiny for that which resides in absolute truth and within truth alone.

This truth is your truth, it is the truth of Christ within; this Christ energy, this Christ wisdom, this Christ’s being-ness, is the Christ you have been looking for and seeking all your life.

Many ideologies, beliefs, religions and stories have been told over the ages of this Christ energy and this energy has had many different names and labels; yet, however this Christ energy is uttered and in whatever form it takes shape in, this energy has always been.

Unconditional Love has always been.

This Christ energy and love is your connection to the Divine within you. It’s personal, it is yours and it is eternal.

Praise be to that, all glory to that, and all worship to the God within each and every one of us.

When you fully embrace the truth of the Christ within, the sorrow, the despair, the darkness, goes back to its native nothingness.

Life has been hard, real hard; the road travelled was a lonely road and the road home never even existed.

Yet this road exists. Yes, it does, but only in truth and only in truth alone.

Illumination, the light of truth, shows you the way home.

God is calling, your higher being is prompting you to journey back home.

Embrace the unconditional Love within self and come home, come home.

God is waiting, God is caring and God is longing for you to come hither, to come home.

In Truth there is Light, and in Light there is the Way. Come home.

This article appears in the third edition of Expose Magazine

Photo by Yun Xu on Unsplash

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Resonate with us

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