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Question everything

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If it empowers us, we want to know about it.

We at are constantly researching self-empowerment for ourselves and for everyone.

We study everything useful we can get our hands on.

Most of our best research comes from people that most people have never heard of.

We have found that mainstream knowledge isn’t true knowledge at all but is usually based on an agenda.

Truth never speaks loudly as it has no agenda; truth simply is.

Lies get the best media coverage!

So we study nature, consciousness, health, electromagnetic radiation, frequency, nutrition, ley lines, soliton waves, light, transmutations, biology, earth grid lines, feng shui, obelisks, harmonics, pyramids, shape power, colour, inert gases, kirlian photography, and the list of what we study is seemingly endless.

Why do we study so much? Because we don’t know everything; we are not gurus who pretend they do. We know so very little and we are in a constant state of inquiry, questioning, evaluating and critical thinking.

Knowledge is infinite, but if anyone is an “expert” then they have limited the infinite, which can never be fully known.

When you question reality itself you become powerful as you make your world more malleable, more understood by you, and more creative.

Only when you understand something do you have power over that something.

When you accept knowledge from others as if it were true, then you obviously give your power away to someone else’s knowledge.

Question everything!!!

The questioner becomes the Lord of Self and not a follower of gurus in whatever form they take.

We don’t know everything and it’s impossible, as a human, to do so.

Humility doesn’t claim all knowledge, since knowledge belongs to the God self and not the human self.

The quest for knowledge will lead you to one conclusion: that I, as a child of God, can not know everything – only the God within me can.

Question everything blissfully.

And let bliss unfold its wisdom to you.

We are all one in truth.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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Resonate with us

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