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Just walking away

Resonate with us

All of us at are walking away from this world; there’s nothing left any more and we are not turning our heads back to see what’s become of this world.

This world, with all its darkness, satanic agendas, corporate takeovers, mass mind control and enslavement of most of its population, is not a world we choose to stay in.

We live in a world of delusion, separation, opinions, conjectures and fabrications. This world is not a world of unconditional truth.

We are walking away.

Just walk away with us if you choose, walk with us.

We can’t save a dying world. There is nothing to protest, nothing to change, nothing to do but just walk away…

When good stays with evil then good becomes evil also, and all one can do with evil is to simply walk away.

When one walks away, one must have a place to walk to.

Walking to our new world.

Our new world begins in our hearts, our minds, our souls, our being.

Imagine a world of unconditional love, imagine that.

Truth reigns supreme, and our connection to source energy is fully realised.

A new world that we can share in love and peace, tranquillity, creativity and bliss.

Becoming creators again, and giving with a generous spirit for all to share in our creations.

A new dawn is coming, and it’s the dawn of the rebirth of mankind.

Born again, but this time in absolute truth.

We are walking away from the old, the lies, frauds, vanities, egotisms, narcissisms, the satanic.

We are returning home. Walk with us. We are returning home to the truth of us.

We are all God’s children coming home to our new world.

Please walk with us, we would like you to, and feel a new world in the forming.

Unconditional love, our new world.

Photo by Zack Minor on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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