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The great spiritual war

Resonate with us


We are witnessing a great spiritual war. It is happening as we speak. It is in the media everywhere, it is in the all-pervading fears of much of mankind.

We live in interesting times, don’t we?

What is this spiritual war?

First we must all understand that we are already spirit inhabiting a human body.

Spirit is our individual consciousness and your human body focuses the awareness of that consciousness.

So you are spirit first.

Do you own your own soul? If so, you are in truth.


Does the government and all its relatives own your soul?

Whoever is more powerful than you is your God and owns your soul through fear and/or ignorance.

Which God do you choose? The true God, which is the God within you, or the false God, the external God that is not within you?

The people who wish not to take responsibility and ownership of their Godself will follow, like sheep to the slaughter, the dictates of authorities and media; they will obey propaganda and propagate it amongst other sheep. They will police each other to make sure that the doctrines of Big Brother are obeyed.

God’s children will obey only truth, just truth, and they will propagate only the truth.

Either you are a child of God (truth), or you are a child of corporation (false).

This spiritual war is about truth versus falsehood.

You are seeing this playing out right now.

I’ll predict the future for you: truth always wins.

To be in truth you must declare that “I am Lord of self and I own me,” or words and feelings to that effect.

In truth, falsehoods die away.

I am! You Am! We Am! Children of the God that we own individually within ourselves.

No one can own us!


Let’s panic about what the authorities say and what the media says, and then they own us.

Everyone is safe and fine in absolute truth because absolute truth contains no fear, only bliss, and bliss is life.

You are God’s consciousness, that which animates your body, and guess what? You can’t kill God.

Essentially this means that you are an eternal being with absolutely nothing to fear!

Or you can believe the satanic crap that God is outside of you and your control.

You are within consciousness (God), and consciousness (God) is within you (awareness).

Truth versus Evil.

Obviously, evil needs us to survive. By exposing evil and blissfully knowing that you are a child of the most high, evil must die.

That’s why the governments are scared of us. That’s why we are seeing such a big media show at the moment; it’s all fear mongering as they try to control your mind through fear – as they have always done.

We are winning the war. Truth is being exposed. Your power is being revealed.

Please relax through this traumatic time, as we do actually win this war.

Many great people are spreading the good news: that you are the actual authority of self.

Be the Lord of the most high that you actually are.

Many humble thanks to the great spiritual workers out there who are spreading the message of “Unconditional Love”.

Together, in truth, we all win.

Photo composed using various images: Ricardo Cruz and Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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