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Self-fulfilling prophesy

Resonate with us

Doom and gloom.

This is the world’s self-fulfilling prophesy.

People will always find evidence for what they ultimately believe in – in one form or another.

When the race mind guides towards ignorance or fear, the evidence for that ignorance or fear has a very real effect.

When the leaders of authorities and media guide the masses to focus upon them, then we have collectively created the hell that they wanted in order to control us all.

The New World Order.

Fear and ignorance of the truth has lead our world into dark perils that we may never, ever escape from.

Globally most people think that there is only one earth, and with such a belief our world is indeed in danger, but the world always exists in the mind of the individual who perceives it.

It is our world, not their world, and this world exists within us all.

Every time someone dies their world has ended; it doesn’t matter what stories we hear of the perils the planet is under, as this person’s world is already gone.

There is no “second coming of Christ”, there are no saviours, there is no hope…

When we believe a lie, the lie becomes believable. This is delusion.

We always get what we focus upon, consciously or unconsciously.


A new, self-fulfilling prophesy:

Bliss for ourselves and for our shared planet.

The world always begins in our minds, our hearts, and our souls before we experience the world outside of ourselves.

What if, collectively, we focused upon unconditional love of ourselves, which would also mean unconditional love for others?

Remember that you create the world you experience.

Collectively we create the world we experience.

Collectively the world looks like only one world as we all share in it, yet the world changes as you do.

We need to collectively make a change and that change is peace, love, joy, happiness, true freedom, and inalienable rights for all.

When we cease to give our world away to authorities and media we return our earth back to ourselves and then, and only then, are we all saved.

We are all the Lord of ourselves when we recognise this to be true.

Come home, come home, come home.

Back to self.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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