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Who should control our world?

We have so many controllers out there, controlling over us. Which one, of all those controllers, is doing the best job?

Then we have the people who work for those controllers, so many people devoting their lives and careers to the controllers who control over us.

The controllers control everything: schools, hospitals, military, media, police, environment, wars, taxes, invented money, defence, laws, rules, legalese, obedience. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find an area of life where the controllers don’t control.

Most of the people are owned and controlled by the controllers. They have become slaves, subservient to the controllers.

Just take a look at your own life and see how much you are controlled by the controllers.

Where are you truly free? How much of your life is spent in servitude to the controller?

Taxes, duties, obligations, responsibilities, bills, work and so forth. How much of these did you do willingly? If they weren’t done willingly then you would have done them as a slave.

Effectively we do live on a prison planet, a slave planet.

How much of your life’s work is yours to keep? How much of your life’s work has been stolen by the controllers?

When anyone controls another it is always satanic. Why? Everyone has inalienable rights to own themselves under their God, however they perceive God to be.

You can only control that which you own.

How much are we owned by our controllers?

Fear leads to apathy, which then leads to normalisation, leads to controllers, leads to slavery.

 Should unconditional love control the planet? Should love be our controller?

Yet unconditional love never needs to control, as there is no fear within it.

Unconditional love is self organising, it has wisdom within it. Unconditional love guides, nurtures and expands the God within us all.

So where do we begin?

By loving ourselves and the God within, which animates our human form and gives it life.

By changing our world we change ourselves and remove the controllers from our consciousness forever.

Love never needs control, only fear does.

Somewhere along the line most everyone forgot their God-self and allowed the satanic controllers to rule over them.

Satan is “just doing his job”.

Let’s fire Satan permanently!

There is so much power in my words if they can be understood on a deep, inner level.

My words, on this level, have power, as do your words on this level.

I have spoken the absolute truth. Let’s all speak the absolute truth in the God’s name within us all.

Words, thoughts and feelings have absolute power and together, if we honour the God within, we are powerful again and the controllers are usurped by unconditional love.

Unconditional love.

Realise exactly who you are.

A child of God itself.

Photo composed from various images: Pixabay and Francesco Ungaro from Pexels.

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Resonate with us

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