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So you disagree with me. Why would you?

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I walk, talk, and live in my truth, as should you, so where is the disagreement?

I may speak my truths, and these truths may incite non favourable feelings in others, but why? I’m not so important, surely, as I’m not trying to impose my will upon others. I just share, and it’s up to others to accept or reject my ideas.

In one hundred percent agreement there is no disagreement.

If you do not agree with me, then find that which you do agree with and let me live in my wrongness.

If I’m wrong in one area of my truth, I would be wrong in all areas as you can’t have partial truths; it’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and it’s the truth of me.

So your truth I can never disagree with, as I should not be in your world to create conflict, should I?

What do I disagree with?

Anyone who imposes their will upon others or me!

You are free to agree with me or leave; I’m free to agree with you or leave.

Never disagree with those who do not impose their will upon you, as they should never be that important to you.

Freedom of inalienable rights is important and we should all disagree with having the will of others imposed upon us!

Do you agree?

Photo by Jonas Kakaroto on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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