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Is the Government “God” itself?

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Simple answer: “Yes”, for most people.

It is a powerful god; most people would never think to question the god that we call “Government” since it is all-knowing, all-wise, all-authority.

Most religions and churches register their god with the government, so god can be registered.

If you register god with a government, then the government must be the supreme “God”.

So, if you attend a church or follow a religion that has registered their god to an almighty government, then obviously your religion is government.

Simple really. The government is “God” – unless, perhaps, your critical thinking can identify the satanic error that has occurred here?

If a satanic error has occurred then, perhaps, just maybe, could it be? – shock, horror! – That the worship of government is the worship of Satan itself?! No!!! It can’t be! Absolutely not!

Have we registered God with Satan?

No! No! No!

Never! This is sacrilege! The author is an apostate of the highest damnation order!

Imprison the author and throw him to the lions. Off with his head!!!

Let us not expose actual truth, since truth is banned by the true god: government itself!

There is a law against truth. It can be found in Section 23B of Article C under the Act of Parliament pertaining to Statute blah, blah, blah… but if you want to see this law there is a fee, and to understand it you will need to retain legal counsel or earn a law degree in legalese. By the way, you can see this law after a processing fee which may take 28 days. We accept direct deposit, cash in person, maybe even Fayfal.

Spare me!

“The kingdom of heaven is within”, which means that your church, your religion, and your inalienable rights all belong to you, and are within you!

There’s no need to register God!


Now that we have God back, let’s use our inalienable rights to return to the people the actual Law of God and abide by it.

Maybe I should register my ego with the government. I wonder what the fee would be, and how long I’d have to wait on a Certificate of Title? 28 days, is it?

Here is God’s Law for All:

We own ourselves; we have inalienable rights, and we are not to impose our will on any other person.

Live and let live, and live one and all in bliss, not narcissism.

I, the Lord of Self, have spoken.

What do you, as the Lord of Self, saith?

Oh – can’t speak longer, sorry, I have to go register my pet gold fish, bye for now!

Resonate with us

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