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Teach your children well

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Inner happiness and unconditional love

Aren’t those the very things every child worldwide should learn?

These would be personal leadership and the awareness of their inalienable right to be just themselves.

Imagine if every child truly loved themselves, every child had self-determination under the Law of Bliss, every child had critical thinking, every child comprehended their own spiritual awareness of life and themselves.

When we teach the children well, very well, and when we are the very best unconditional, loving teachers, imagine what the world would be.

We live in an unhappy world where we are devalued, where we are to be indoctrinated by people who have zero empathy; this is our world for so many children as it is also for us.

Why is there so much crime, so much violence, so much competition, so much apathy, so much homicide, suicide, genocide?

A child who truly loves themselves commits no crime because they don’t need to.

A hurt child does commit crime against themselves and others.

What are we teaching our children? Useless facts, useless agendas, useless curriculums…

Intelligence, wisdom, and the tools for a successful, bountiful life is denied most children and instead we have the narrative of indoctrination, to listen and obey an authority outside of themselves along with a score card against their ability to be indoctrinated.

When people devalue children and teach them our crimes time after time, how do we expect our world to make any sense?

It’s a crime to teach that happiness is not as important as following the indoctrinations of mankind, which continue to fail.

When every child learns personal leadership, personal integrity, understands inalienable rights, and is free to choose happiness for themselves instead of that happiness being bestowed by the artificial gods we call governments and so forth, then we are all learning to be free.

Every person should be important, loved and respected, yet we don’t teach that.

Mankind never made the child; it may be birthed through mothers, but what made the child?

Perhaps we should seek the true creator of all things and live as the creator intended.

When the child learns empathy, the child is a true leader of self. It is the leaders of self, and not the leaders over others, who should rule nations.

Every child is so important, yet society as a whole has failed our children.

Shame, shame, shame.

Let’s make a change and teach the children well.

Resonate with us

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