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My past lives

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I had a dream about my past lives that I lived here on planet Earth. It was a weird dream but I can tell you all my past lives are impressive, important, and like royalty even! Most people can never reach the high standard of a supreme being such as myself.

Did you buy into that one?

Anyway, on with the dream…

In my first past life I was a politician, so I knew how to fool and influence people over to a corporate policy with an agenda they knew nothing about. I knew that countries and borders were nothing more than businesses and the people, the common folk, were nothing more than collateral whom we could tax and make laws over and basically make subservient slaves out of who are patriotic and loyal and who squabble over little things while not understanding the diversions we put in place to keep them all mind-controlled and dumbed down.

I had my fine life – the chardonnays, the cigars, the mansions, the massive payouts, the sex parties, the criminal, demonic activities – boy, life was good! Then – oops – heart attack, I’m dead…

I was in hell. It was endless; the pain I’d given to others was now my pain. All the suffering, all the hurt, all the anguish… I can’t describe the hell, it’s worse than the worst imagining. It lasted forever, it seemed eternal… “Help me God! Help me, help me!” But God never came.

In my second life I was a policeman. I felt important, powerful, respected. Blues and twos, I get to boss people around! Yay! “Just doing my job.”

Most of my work was to enforce government policy. I didn’t care if the laws were fair or if I violated basic human rights, because I was sanctioned by the government itself.

I knew that most of the people in jail whom I arrested were there for victimless crimes – so called crimes against corporate policy but not crimes against humanity or God.

So there I am, in my police car, lights blaring, sirens wailing, and I feel like a kid! Then the lights went out. I collided with another car killing a family of five, and I finally died…

I was in hell again, and in this hell I remembered my first life and now this one. If you don’t believe in God, I would because being burnt alive feels better than where I was…

In my third life I was a real estate agent, and boy could I sell you the perfect property. I was smooth talking; I knew how to sell the good points but somehow ignore the bad. I was damn good at my job – gotta love those commissions!

I didn’t care about how some of the properties were sold because people couldn’t afford the land tax on what was meant to be their own property but was actually owned by the government, as all freehold properties are. I didn’t care! Massive commissions, oh boy! Gotta love the moola!

Commissions are kind of like theft; I get to charge more for expensive properties but I do just about the same work as for a cheaper property. I’m lazy, though I love the high life!

So then I got cancer. Man am I scared. I have to get chemotherapy. I lose my hair, I’m thinner now, and I’m scared!

I didn’t know that oncology was like God’s karma. It hurt, man, it hurt – but surely the doctors know what they are doing? Oncology is not evil, is it? Natural cures – alternative medicine, isn’t it? – are quack.

Wait, but what if some alternatives make sense? Aren’t some qualified doctors from overseas against chemo? I’m scared, man, I’m scared. I’m in pain, more pain, agony! God, where are you?!

I died. Why, Lord, am I in this hell experiencing the karma of my last three lifetimes over and over again? There is no God! Why would God do this to me?

I prayed for God to stop this, I prayed to Satan, I prayed mercy upon me…

I went through many lifetimes; the school teacher, the doctor, the scientist, the factory worker, the dentist, the corporate leader, the, the, the…

The hell I experienced, the post traumatic stress disorder, doesn’t explain what it was like. I can’t explain it, but the hell was real, real, real…

Countless lifetimes later my incarnation was that of a dog. Yep, a dog, would you believe it?! Me a dog?

I was a lost dog found by a family. They seemed to like me so I wagged my tail and drooled a bit, but they liked me!

They named me “Waggy”. I guess I wagged my tail a lot.

“Waggy! Yum, yums!” And they fed me food. I love food, food, food, food!

I loved these humans and they loved me, played fetch with me, gave me hugs. I was in happy family photos and movies.

I loved life except when they got angry when I poo pooed in the wrong place!

I also loved sniffing other dogs’ behinds, but that’s another story…

Years past, I died but I died happy.

I was reincarnated as a man but I wasn’t anyone special. I just remembered to be like a loving dog; to be honest, appreciative, and to share happiness with others… but don’t poo poo in the wrong place or drool! Definitely don’t sniff you-know-where…

Eventually I died happy, content and at peace.

I felt in bliss, and that bliss showed me all the happiness I gave to others; all that love, all that caring, and how much people actually loved me in return.

I had nothing more to do than to live in bliss and share that bliss.

Even though I died, I now live eternally.

Bliss never dies as all is consciousness and love.

I am now with God.

Be the change you wish to see.

For all those who are not knowingly causing harm to others, my dream does not apply to you.

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