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The Three Temples

The Three Temples
Resonate with us

The three Temples are sacred ground, holy ground, God’s ground.

Never dishonour the three Temples with anything less than the loving truth.

The First Temple

The First Temple is the house of the Lord. It’s the body you inhabit, whereby God works through this Temple.

The First Temple must be looked after, cherished, honoured and kept healthy, walking, talking and having its being in ultimate truth.

The Law of God is love and bliss. Honour this within the First Temple.

The Second Temple

The Second Temple is your family, your loved ones. The Second Temple is the place of eternal, unconditional love for the reflection of you: your family, your loved ones. Honour the Second Temple as you would the First Temple.

The Third Temple

The Third Temple is the world outside of the First Temple and the Second Temple. This is the world you allow to simply be. Honour the Third Temple to only exist in bliss and truth.

Maintain and honour all three Temples, but never allow the Third Temple any freedom that would not agree with the First Temple.

The First Temple is the Lord, and the Lord is never to be dishonoured.

The United Temples

When all three Temples exist in love, truth and bliss, then you have honoured the house of the Lord, the most holy Temple.

The Spirit, The Being, The Life have totality of self within the boundaries of the most holy Temple.

Always treat your Temple space with sanctity and devotion.

We leave you with the truth: you are the Temple of the Lord.

Photo created by and composed by various images from: Simone Busatto, Tyler Nix and engin akyurt on Unsplash

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Resonate with us

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