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My observer’s chair

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Let me tell you about me.

In fact, there is not to much to say about me.

I am in a human body observing the world through my humanness.

I’m just a humble human being – not much to speak of really – I will die and be buried one day or something like that.

Some humans have great credentials, academic qualifications, prestigious jobs, fame and fortune. I guess they must be important human beings, but they die too, don’t they?

I see a lot of corruption on our planet. It’s kind of sad, albeit temporary – remember we get to die, so it’s temporary.

Make up your own mind if you see the following as corrupt: governments, politicians, lawyers, law makers, councils, doctors, military, pharmaceuticals, religion, chem-trails, fluoridation, vaccines, oncology, media, mind control, opinions, judgements, egotism, narcissism, child sacrifice, and the list truly is seemingly endless.

No point in chatting to you too much about all the negatives I can see, which are not born from opinion but actual study, research, interactions and critical thinking.

So I see a lot of sheep out there that need guidance so corporations, in all their glory, help guide the lost sheep to their slaughter.

People seem to love bad news for some reason – gossip, news media, tragedy, Hollywood horror movies, violent computer games, justified wars, etc., you get the idea.

So the sheep are violent in their thinking and seem to love it.

Remember I will die one day too, so I’m not an important sheep. I “BAA-AA” a lot. Just saying…

So one day this sheep gets to die, and when I wake up from death the eternal “I” asks me, “What did you learn as a human?”

I answer, “Humans suck at Bliss!”

Then my eternal “I” asks, “Do you wish to return to humanness?”

My answer: “No way!”

I think I got tired of “Baa-aaing”.

My eternal “I” asks me, “What now?”

My answer: “Bliss.”

The moral of this story:

The author is eventually dead and is lying on a hammock some place in absolute Bliss, having forgotten his former life as a “Baa-aa” sheep.

Then the author woke up.


Further note:

If you wish to be an excellent sheep, just follow what authorities tell you to do; they are your Masters and know better than you. In other words, keep doing what you are doing.

If you wish to be a true, complete you, then question why you ever followed an authority that you never understood and get back to inalienable rights, which are understandable.

Author’s current status: I still “Baa-aa” sometimes, it’s hard to kick the habits of sheepdom, but I’m winning. I’m in a loving, expanding environment that concentrates on Bliss, so I’ve moved from hell to a united spiritual family that sees the greatness in one other… that’s the beginnings of Eternal Bliss.

So the author’s secret: see the true greatness in everyone, even when it’s not obvious.

Anyways… back to hammock.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Resonate with us

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