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God child: we need your help

God child: we need your help
Resonate with us

We are doing the best we can to reveal truth within ourselves, within you and within everyone else.

Every day we seek solutions to return inalienable rights back to every person.

Most of the world is under slavery to the unseen government agendas out there that destroy your freedoms, your safety, your right to live in happiness.

There are many souls out there, in their own way exposing the corruption on the planet, being activists and doing great work to free up mankind, often these souls get killed or tortured.

Most of these brave, courageous souls are unseen and do their work without requiring recognition, fame or fortune.

These people come from a place of unconditional love for themselves and for others.

We would love it if you support these souls, help them out, spread the word, perhaps build your own website, your own media, express your unconditional love in whatever way you can.

Everyone can do with your help, as your help really affects beautiful change on this planet.

Let’s all work together and expose evil, and the evil is too shocking for me to describe. I have children and when I hear of the horrors that happen to many other children worldwide, it breaks my heart.

We do our website solely to help others – our brothers and sisters under God, however they perceive God to be.

This is not the time for people to be making profit or charging any money for truth; truth must always remain free of any charge.

So please help us: comment on any inspirational videos that you see from other great people out there, subscribe to people that care about the planet, blog on the most beautiful things you can think of.

We can only do so much. We get exhausted being activists of truth; it wears us down, it can make us cry sometimes.

So please do everything you can to help the world be a better place, we can’t do it alone and the other brave warriors of truth out there could do with your support, your love and your encouragement.

We are just ordinary people within a family of love. There is nothing that great or special about us but we find the time to spread this special message, that: “You and God are One”. Yes, you are limited by human form but within that human form be the change you wish to see.

Please help us and other great souls of truth and love out there; your efforts do make an impact. We need you now more than ever!

You know, your simple message of love and truth impacts someone out there. You may have helped save a life. You may never know of this, or understand your impact but every loving word you speak out there impacts someone, somewhere, and causes beautiful change.

Whoever you are, if you operate out of love and truth then we love you and the world loves you because you are the change the world needs to see.

Right now you are the most important person and you may not think so but your decisions, your directions guide the God within you for massive change on the planet; yes, you do have this power as do all of God’s children.

Never think you are powerless!

Together we are God’s children under God, however you perceive God to be.

Please help us and please help the planet and the children within it.

If you come across some of the evil darkness that we have seen, please don’t stay in the darkness, it helps no one. Yes, there are children being tortured, yes there is cruelty beyond imagination, yes the government is more evil than people can even comprehend.

With all this darkness, the kindest thing you can do is imagine unconditional love reaching out and protecting God’s children. Yes, this does work! Thoughts are real and have an electromagnetic effect that creates change.

Yes, we do cry sometimes, our hearts are broken; yes, we feel fearful and tormented, we are real people. We have taken on evil directly so we know how evil, evil can be.

The only answer is to come out of love, a feeling of bliss that the God within you is changing the story because you desired the story to change.

If you only knew your power, you would be awe struck and amazed.

Yes, there is a God within you and all of God’s children.

This God is powerful, this God is Love, This God is Bliss.

God can only work through Love. It’s definitely the only way it can work through us.

Please, please, please help us, help the world and help the beauty within you.

You are God in human form and yes, you do have power but only, I repeat only in: Unconditional Love.

We love you, yes we do, because you are our kin under God.

Bless you and may your God keep you safe in Its everlasting arms. Caution: Because of the very real dangers out there, always put on the cloak of God’s armour which is to operate under Love and Bliss before doing anything! This protects you!!!

Photo by youssef naddam on Unsplash

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Resonate with us

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