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Stop Protesting. Push Back.

Resonate with us

When the government controls and owns people, then it’s time to push back.

We, the people, own the government and the government is to do the will of the people.

Since the people want law and order, the will of the people is for a blissful government.

Right now, as it stands. the government is absolutely criminal and needs to be arrested.

The government has no right to own you, your children or your property!

Minor research into the truth of government and its continual crimes against humanity and the God within us all will shock you.

One should never protest a criminal, since criminals never recognise your protest! If a criminal held a gun to your head, do you think it would care for your protest?

The government is criminal without question, and we now collectively have to recognise that the government is to be arrested in its entirety.

We do this by our conscious recognition of our inalienable rights and of the fact that we truly are Lords of Self.

The criminal government has no power when people stop giving it power through fear or protest.

The entire world is heading towards a slave race with government being the slave owner; this should now be very obvious.

For those who believe in the Bible, these are the end times.

You have a choice to make: Love or Fear.

Do choose wisely.

When people come together in unity and purpose of the divine within us all, then this spiritual war that is being fought on physical grounds will be won.

Are you a slave or a child of the God-self within?

Most of the world will comply to fear and obey their masters, the government and media.

We will only obey the God within self.

Push back, recognise your value and recognise your power to collectively change things in a world gone absolutely mad.

Arrests will happen and we will see the return of our inalienable rights, returned to the people by the God-self within us all.

We thank you.

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Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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