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Our frustrations

Our frustrations
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The world is in severe crisis; it has always been, but now it’s so obvious for everyone to see.

This crisis is dangerous for you, your family, your friends, your loved ones, and for humanity as a whole.

Many people are suffering and dying as we speak and this has always been the case, yet the general denial of the population at large to the actual truth is what is causing the evils on this planet.

We have to be so careful as to how we disseminate information, in such a way that we do not get shut down, censored or shadow banned, as many people have already been shut down by Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter and so forth.

The other problem we face is how to get truthful information out there to a level that people can understand truth again, since the mind control and propaganda have always been and it’s hard for people to recognise truth any more.

Topics we find hard to touch upon include vaccines, corona virus, cancer treatments, pharmaceutical corruption and doctors doing more harm than good, fiat money is not actual money, schooling systems for indoctrination, and the list is endless. Why is it so hard to talk about these things? Simply we may be shut down.

We put very little effort, apart from being a Trojan Horse for truth, into Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like because of censorship, and we are seeking and finding alternative platforms which, in due course, we will promote.

We already know of, and are using, a treatment for any virus and it works, but how do we share such treatment without being censored or shut down? This is an example of our knowledge and we have much knowledge that we can’t share.

Every day we work hard at being activists, reaching out around the world and helping many but we don’t always have time for our website because we are also active on other people’s platforms and that takes more time than we have.

We are seeking solutions to stop the censorship of your health and freedoms and especially of your inalienable rights.

We know children are being tortured and lives continue to be destroyed since evil corporations took over the planet; we know this, but it can be stopped.

If everyone would simply stop living in opinions, hearsay, what they heard on the news, gossip, lies, money making and so forth; if everyone would just simply live in truth, and truth is as simple as “one plus one equals two”; if it doesn’t then stop believing in nonsense.

We are working on approaches to reach the masses of people out there who are not brainwashed sheeple so that together in wisdom, intelligence and especially truth we can arrest the governments and corporations responsible for pure evil.

The time for truth is right now, because without it we can promise you that you will be a victim, you will be a slave and you will suffer, and there is not a goddamn thing we can do about this because it’s always your free will to be the truth or to be the lie.

It’s your life, your loved ones, your family – what are they worth to you? Denial of a problem or absolute truth – your choice – can you live with your choices?

Truth, and only Blissful truth, SHARED, is the answer to the world’s problems.

In due course we shall have available links to some of the best minds on the planet, but we do get busy and we are doing our very best.

Yes, we are frustrated; the sheep seem to follow corporate authorities and obey them, but we say no! Obey only the absolute truth.

For those who can help us find alternative platforms, a way of reaching real people, or a way we can help others, please do contact us.

Truth is always free – be that way. Thankyou

Photo composed from two images from Sam Carter and Photo by Christopher Burnson Unsplash

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Resonate with us

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