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We’ve gone Viral!!! NOT!

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I wake up in the morning, check the computer and see that we have one million hits and counting. “We’ve gone viral!!! Everyone now sees the importance and value in themselves and others, YEAH!!!”

“We’re winning! The world is saved!!!”

Then along comes my editor. She looks at me disappointedly and says, “You have one million dislikes and more trolls than you can count, sorry to burst your bubble!”

I ask, “Do I have even one like?”

Editor says, “Yep, just one.”

Me: “Who is it?”

Editor: “It’s you, liking yourself.”

Me: “Well, at least someone likes our message.”

Then I wake up from my nightmare.

Truth is not popular. The world’s condition is obvious: it lives in lies, fraud and deceptions.

It is not important how popular you get.

But what is important is this: did you have fun?

The only life you need to save is your own and when you do that, by your resonance of being, you can help others.

Concentrate on your own blissful world and your bliss will change the world by the ripple effects that is inevitable in all consciousness.

You may not get many “likes” but it’s their world, and you just concentrate on your own.

Blissfully live, and let blissfully live.

Your journey should be fun, so concentrate on you and I can guarantee you that you will get at least one like:


Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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