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Natural Law is Actual Law

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The only Law there can actually ever be is the Law of Truth, there can be no other.

The Law of Truth can never be broken; you can either work with the truth or suffer the consequences of not working with the truth.

The laws of nature must obey the Law of Truth; some will call this Law “God”.

If we are to have “Laws” they would have to follow the Law of Truth and thus become Natural Law.

Natural Law can never be broken; you can either work with natural law or suffer the consequences of not working with natural law; some will call this “karma”.

For example, if I were to jump of a cliff and defy natural law, the consequences would be obvious.

No one can make a truth; it either is or it isn’t, there are no grey areas.

So when mankind makes a Law, it has broken The Law.

You can only expose an aspect of law; you can’t make one.

Every other law would have to be a fabrication, a lie, an agenda, some will call this “Satan”.

When one obeys man’s laws and not Natural Law, they have broken the Law and will suffer the consequences of their actions.

Every other law that is not Natural Law is termed “legal” and legal is there to defraud the truth; often this “legal” is dressed up to look like actual Law.

The legal system requires your consent to obey it and hence defy Natural Law.

“Legal” requires your signature for contracts, agreements, rights, duties, obligations and so forth, usually done with your name in all caps and titled Mr/Mrs/Miss; in other words, you need to give your consent by signing or voting for it.

Many people worldwide are imprisoned on legal issues and victim-less crimes; in other words, they’ve hurt or violated no one.

You can violate the the Law of Truth and suffer its consequences. but you can’t really violate a man-made fabricated law. What’s actually happened is that the Law-maker has acted criminally and then you suffer under a criminal act. The Law-maker has committed Treason against you.

Most people are obeying man-made laws under duress or ignorance; man-made laws have nothing to do with Truth.

True justice can only ever be obtained via the Law of Truth and not the fabricated laws of agendas.

When one can see that they have suffered all their life from breaking the Law of Truth…

When one can understand to obey only the Law of Truth…

When one lives happily in the Law of Truth…

Then the Law of Truth will set you free.

Some will call this Law of Truth: “God”.

You can not break God’s Law – there will be an immediate consequence.

I’ve had to write simply to convey the message. The answer is simple, yet mankind has suffered under fraud all their life that maybe the “simple” is not understood.

Go deep within your soul and you will understand there is only One Law and that Law is:

The Law of Truth, which is Natural Law, is your inalienable rights under your own personal God, however you perceive this to be.

Let no man steal “you”.

To be truly free you must become the “Lord of Self” and not a Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and so forth. You must become the Lord under God, however you perceive this to be.

Inalienable rights.

It is our sincere hope that our message will set others free.

Sombre Warning:

For all those involved in “Law” making, law recipes and the enforcement of these so called laws on the masses, Truth always wins, justice does prevail and it is our strong suggestion that you obey actual Law.

The consequences of your actions are indeed dire, and ignorance of these consequences is no excuse.

The Truth accepts no excuses.

Whether you like to believe it or not, Karma is a Bitch.

You can’t break the law of gravity the same way you can’t break the law of your own destiny and that destiny is hell, whether you like to believe it or not.

People worldwide are exposing Satanic laws and with that exposure there is swift justice.

The crime of committing treason against any person carries the maximum penalty; this Law of Truth is automatic.

You have been warned: return back to truth.

There is an infinite intelligence and wisdom smarter than you think you are, so I would humble myself before it and lose the ego and vanities soon!

We see you now. The world is waking up and seeing you now; where is there to hide?

Natural time is catching up with you, and you can’t avoid it.

Every criminal gets caught in the end.

What will your “end” be like?

Do you end at death? Do you escape karma, then?

Life is consciousness and consciousness is eternal, long after the physical is gone.

This is already scientific fact.

Ignorance is no excuse.

Think upon this.

We applaud

All those who have stepped down from corrupt positions.

People from the military, the police, the corporations, the governments, etc. who have been disgusted by their actions and of what they have witnessed; they are true heroes because exposure of corruption is what eradicates the controlled treason against people.

We thank you deeply.

Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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