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Jigsaw puzzle

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Well, hello you. Welcome to your day!

Your life is just like a Divine jigsaw puzzle, don’t you think?

Imagine that you are the perfect jigsaw puzzle, completed. Wow!

But you are not there yet. Missing pieces everywhere, some really hard to find and some pieces don’t fit even when they look like they should!

It’s infuriating, frustrating and God-damn time consuming!

But hey, you’re worth the effort!

So, unless some stray dog chewed on one of your jigsaw pieces, or a parrot flew off with one thinking it was a bikkie, you should be able to complete your jigsaw puzzle.

This is your mission in life: to complete this divine jigsaw puzzle of absolute happiness, joy and bliss.

Now, my jigsaw puzzle is a mess. I gave too many pieces to others in fear (thinking I had to)! It’s okay, though – I’m getting all my pieces back, otherwise there’s a-gonna be one angry author to contend with!

Don’t mess with author! And let no one mess with you!


I found the stray dog that took one of my jigsaw pieces, but it was messy business finding it in all that doggy poo poo. Also, that damn parrot dropped another of my jigsaw pieces in her nest. I found it after being attacked by an overprotective mother parrot! Phew! Life gets hard sometimes!

Point being, all your pieces are worth all your effort!

You are worth it!

Life may be fragmented for now, but you are becoming a whole person again.

Be patient with yourself, as the Divine is putting you back together again through self-love, bliss, and recognition of the God within you.

Your jigsaw puzzle shall be complete one day, and so shall mine be.

Have fun with your jigsaw puzzle and never let it get you down, even if there are dogs and parrots.

Be at peace with your beautiful soul.

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Resonate with us

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