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Rough days

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We all get rough days, don’t we?

It was a rough day for us today at! Seems that evil loves to intrude on everyone and doesn’t ever seem to mind its own business!

So, yep. You get, we get it: we all get crap sometimes!

Solution: let’s party!

Crap happens, or shit happens, take your pick but:

Life happens, too!

Correct the mess, never let it go uncorrected, but then let’s rock and roll!

So to reiterate: we all get severe crap sometimes, enough to cry into your beer over or want to write a blog on facefook about it hopin’ to get some sympathy.

Cut the sympathy coz we are too busy partying, having fun and getting great solutions to life’s absolute shitdom!

You know, we can tell you our sob stories or you can tell us yours, but the whole world is a sob story and it ain’t getting much better – until we change it!

So, yes, we’ve cried our tears to the last drop, we’ve cried ourselves a river, sobbed some more and then given up and pathetically said, “Why me, Lord?”

Well, Lord ain’t listening; he’s too busy partying, so let’s do the sames.

There is always a solution and the best one is simply this:

Happiness in the face of shit equals less shit!

Wow, I’m so tired from rockin’ and rollin’ and those who wanted us sad don’t know why we aren’t!

It’s okay when you get crap – we do also – but live your life your way and get on with the true business of life:


Still sobbin’?

Get over it. Get happy, damn you!

It’s okay…

Grrr. Happy, I said!

Photo by Aubrey Rose Odom on Unsplash

Resonate with us

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